Addiction Counseling

Books by Brad Lamm
Books by Brad Lamm


Hernando Cortez is a coach and advocate for those struggling with life success including failure to launch, and behavioral health challenges. 

Working to collaborate with client and family on a Change Agreement, Hernando’s work includes managing schedule commitments such as:

  1. Time Management
  2. School Prep
  3. Nutrition and Fitness
  4. Sleep Hygiene
  5. Digital Device Management (including gaming)
  6. Goal Setting

Working with adolescents and the “adult-child” allows for daily impact in shifting from failure, to success. In Hernando’s Commitment Coaching world “allowing help is a solid sign of strength, never weakness.”

Before working in the coaching field, Hernando was a celebrated performer, dancing with the Paul Taylor Dance Company and Mikhail Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project for more than two decades.

In 1991, as a direct reaction to the AIDS epidemic, Hernando founded Dancers Responding to AIDS. Now in its 27th year, D.R.A. provides social services and financial aid to dancers, performers, and any person working in the entertainment field living with HIV/AIDS and other life threatening illnesses.

In this, his second career, Hernando shifted from the creative arts to the service arts. Today he finds joy and satisfaction helping others succeed in putting life in working order. He shares his life’s narrative as an athlete and dancer/choreographer/activist who enjoyed success, and then found a new and deep meaning in service work. 

He has worked with Change Inc. and trained under Brad Lamm and noted trauma therapist and teacher, Kathleen Murphy, LPC since 2015. Hernando is currently working on his second degree, in Addiction Studies, at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.