Choreography: Hernando Cortez (2007)

Music: Richard D. Rinehart

The full Ocean Depths Symphony runs around 18 minutes with this segment here, “The Encounter”, being from the end of the first movement. Here’s what is happening at this point: On a routine scouting mission, Prince Shureel feels an alteration of the waters. As he approaches the plateau, the beauty of the princess overpowers him. With their aquatic friends around them, they dance.

The Ocean Depths story and music was created by Richard Rinehart (

Lighting: Trad A Burns

Costumes: Suzy Campbell

7 women, 3 men

The creation of Ocean Depths is supported by RSIS; a NASA Glenn contractor and The Bascom Little Fund “An Underwater Fantasy”
Thank you to Rich Rinehart for your generosity,