Choreographed by Hernando Cortez.

Music by Gustav Mahler.

Originally premiered at Cleveland’s Museum of Natural History (September, 2007), Cortez has reworked and fine-tuned this dance-poem.

New sets and costumes by husband and wife team, Robert Katkowsky and Suzy Campbell, add to the haunting lyricism of Songs.

Trad A Burns, resident lighting designer, explores themes of transcendence through the interplay of light and dancer.

Mahler’s music traces a young man’s anguish as his beloved eludes him, a theme that reflects the composer’s youth at the time of writing. He began to compose the piece in 1884 when he was 24 years old. Mahler’s continual search for answers to life’s mysteries is a universal theme that pervades clearly in Cortez’s new ballet.

“Songs of a Wayfarer” and excerpts of Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 provide an opportunity for Cortez’s expression of taut emotional despair.

The creation of this dance was made possible through the generous support of the Cleveland Foundation.