Choreography: Hernando Cortez (2003)

Music: Alpha Team, DJ Keoki*
Original Lighting: Trad Burns
Costumes: Gino VenturaWorld Premiere: May 30, 2003, Cleveland Repertory Project
Playhouse Square, Cleveland, Ohio

Speed/Icarus: One Male
Wings/Trixie: Three Females

Commissioned by Dancing Wheels/Professional Flair and Sabattino Verlazza for The Icarus Project.

*”Speed,” performed by Alpha Team, written/composed by Dane Stewart Roewade and Craig Takaoko, published by Insomniak Publishing (ASCAP), based on the theme song from “Speed Racer,” written/composed by Nobuyoshi Koshibe and Yoshiyuki Yoshida, published by Speed Classic Music (BMI), remixed by DJ Keoki as “Go Speed Go.”